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I want my MTV.
Man I'm tired. Had a great weekend.

I'm worried that I'm watching too much TV. I used to avoid the stuff; watching an hour or so a week. Now I'm spoiled for channels, I find that there's actually a lot on that I want to watch. And it's not all documentaries, either. TV is now a worthwhile pass-time: With so many channels and such high budgets, there's bound to be a bit of drama/comedy that appeals.

Last night this involved me watching 4 hours straight: Top Gear, NCIS, Rookie Blue and Being Human. Sundays are the 'worst' offending night, but there are a couple of other evenings where I can sit down to 3 hours of good programming, too.

Stuff I follow at present:
Law and Order: Criminal Intent (The ones with Goldblum or Goram and Eves, not the guy off Sex in the City), Burn Notice, CSI: Miami, Archer, Family Guy, Southpark, American Dad, Hawaii 5-0, Being Human, Top Gear, NCIS, The Mentalist, Arrested Development.

Mostly I watch 'taste crossover TV' that Anna and I can actually watch together. This is quite a long list which also includes good documentries. However, I'm banned from watching more than two hours of straight crime drama, more than one 'programme with lots of guns in' a night (including Hawaii 5-0 and documentaries about warfare).
These are programmes that can instead be watched to saturation while Anna is elsewhere. In return I am never subjected to some of Anna's dirty little favourites. These include far too many programs on 'E!' channel, including 'Meet the Kardishams' and 'Holly's World'. Joan Rivers' 'Fashion Police' can be quite good, though...


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