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You and I; had to be; the standing joke of the year. You were a sleep-around; a lost and found...

Job situation is starting to get to me now. As in: I want one where I have to wear a suit once in a while, because I've got about five grand worth of them sat on rails, looking dusty and sad. I want a job where I have to engage my brain. I'd like a secretary again, and an office that's not next to the toilets. A salary above the national average, my own parking space, and coffee that I have to buy, instead of having to make myself. I even miss having meetings sometimes...

Aside from that, life is great.

Probably not going to London with the Lizbot on Friday now, as she has t3h poor and t3h ill. I really wanted a night out this week, too. So now my choice is either Rawkus or nothing.


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